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What is this web site about? What will I find here? Why was it created? How is it organised? When is it updated? If this is your first visit, or you've arrived here serendipitously, these are questions you are probably asking yourself. Before I answer them, let me first state what polyology is...

Polyology n. discourse about many things. [Gr. poly, much, many, logos, discourse.]

...and the only thread linking together the topics on this site is that I find them interesting or amusing enough to include here.


What I hope you will find here is an intriguing collection of topics and comments, with links to associated web sites. What you won't find is much in the way of information that you can't find somewhere else. If someone else says it better than I ever could, I will just point you to their site. Where I borrow from another source I will acknowledge it.


A number of factors contributed to the creation of this site. Mainly, I want to share some of my particular interests with a wider audience and maybe spark a dialogue with those of a similar eclectic vein. It might spare those who live and work with me from having to listen, ancient-mariner-wise, to my riveting discursions. Lastly, it has to be said, there is a little of my own vanity involved, after all, for me web design is an artistic endeavour...


This site is loosely organised by the subject areas along the top menu, each of which has its own page. On these pages the left-hand menu takes you to a number of topics, some of which lead to one or more sub-pages. Most topics contain links to web sites that I find particularly informative or entertaining.


When time permits I will update the site or add further topics. I've enjoyed tinkering with the web design and I'm surprised that putting this site together has been fairly painless. Maybe this will act as a catalyst to anyone wanting to do something similar. If you have any questions or comments, you can email me by clicking the following link: Click here.